Kinship Virtual Webinar Resource-“Finding Confidence as a new Kinship Parent” LIVE Webinar Recording


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Finding Confidence as a New Kinship Parent LIVE Webinar Recording presented on 6.14.2022, focuses on assisting caregivers as they transition to becoming a Kinship caregiver for a child, including how they can best support the kinship child in their care.

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When caregivers begin caring for kinship children, there is a shift in family relationships and roles that also must change. Moving from a grandparent to a parent, an aunt to a parent, or even a neighbor to a parent, can be a difficult adjustment on the caregiver, the kinship child, and the family as a whole. Learning how to adjust to this role change in the midst of parenting again in today’s culture, can be a confusing and intimidating challenge.  In this webinar, we explore this transition from relative or friend to parent and caretaker, including how to help the family and the kinship child learn to adjust as well. While no transition is easy or even quick, understanding how to be a parent and caregiver for your new kinship family is an important aspect of kinship caregiving.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this webinar and PowerPoint is current as of June 14, 2022. Please be aware that information can change as needed, directed, or required by law or governing institutions.

If you have any questions regarding adjusting to kinship caregiving or the information contained in this webinar, please feel free to reach out to:

Jennifer Godbey