Kinship Virtual Webinar Resource-“Caring for Children Born Exposed” LIVE Webinar Recording


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Caring for Children Born Exposed to Substances LIVE Webinar Recording presented on 7-19-2022 focuses on identifying key factors of substance exposure within infants and learning how that exposure can affect development into adolescence.  The importance of caregiver self-care is also discussed.

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Caring for children born exposed to various substances or chemicals can be heart wrenching. Knowing what to do and how to respond can be frightening and confusing for caregivers.  These children need more than just “baby care” or traditional infant care, caregivers must know how to respond during those first few days, weeks, and months.  Being able to recognize important cues and responding to a child’s needs is essential in caring for a child born exposed; however, the care doesn’t end there.  Caring for these children also requires an understanding of how a child’s development can be affected as the child continues to grow and develop throughout childhood and adolescence. Equally important is learning and practicing the importance of self-care as a caregiver.  In this session, we’ll discuss how prenatal substance use can affect the child’s growth and development in utero as well as in life after birth.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this webinar and PowerPoint is current as of July 19, 2022. Please be aware that information can change as needed, directed, or required by law or governing institutions.

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