Kinship Virtual Webinar Resource- “SCHOOL’S OUT! Keeping Kids Busy While Reducing Screen Time WORKSHOP” LIVE Webinar Recording


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SCHOOL’S OUT! Keeping Kids Busy While Reducing Screen Time WORKSHOPLIVE Webinar was presented on 6/4/2024.

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School’s out and now the kids are home all day! What do you do with them to keep them learning, growing, and forming relationships, all while having fun? Come join us in this webinar/workshop as we explore activities (and maybe try one ourselves), that caregivers can do with their kids to enjoy being together and without screen time!

You’ll come away with ideas for a fun filled summer!

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Rachael Wall is a Kentucky native with years of advocacy experience in Education, Family Services and Community Supports. As a Kinship Peer Support Specialist with KY-KINS, Adoptive Parent Liaison with Adoption Support of Kentucky (ASK), and Resource Parent Trainer for Eastern KY University, Rachael has an opportunity to work closely with foster, adoptive, relative, and fictive-kin caregivers throughout the Commonwealth, helping them navigate their unique journey and meet their individual needs by providing strong individual and social supports. Rachael has 17 years of experience working with families in Kentucky in her role as a Special Advocate for Education with the University of Kentucky.

As a parent to five adoptive children, Rachael spends a lot of her time planning activities to engage her children in fun and learning.


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