Kinship Virtual Webinar Resource- “Making the Most of Your Dollar” LIVE Webinar Recording


Kinship Live Webinar Events are offered at no cost.

Making the Most of Your Dollar LIVE Webinar was presented on 1/17/2023 and provides helpful insight on ways in which kinship caregivers can perform selfcare to manage the stress and exertion of their responsibilities. Kinship caregivers are charged with not only taking care of their kinship children, but also taking care of themselves to ensure they provide the best quality of guardianship they can.

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With today’s prices, including inflation and rising costs, making each dollar count is becoming increasingly important in meeting our expanding budgets. For Kinship caregivers, learning how to make the most of every coin and dollar is essential when taking on the additional costs related to caring for relative and fictive kin children. From daily expenses such as grocery shopping to doing our taxes, we’ll explore how to make the most of each dollar!

In this webinar, we learned strategies for developing a spending plan that matches what we earn, identified the goals that are important for our families, and discovered ways that we can save money in our daily lives-including tracking what we spend, prioritizing what is important, and setting goals for what we want for our families. As an added bonus, we’ll also learn about how caring for a kinship child can impact a caregiver’s 2022 taxes-including any tax credits families are eligible for.

Presented by:

Sarah Gardner is a Financial Services Specialist with Apprisen Financial Services. Apprisen is a non-profit organization, with over 65 years of service, committed to helping individuals improve their financial well-being through financial education, coaching, community outreach and counseling. Apprisen focuses on all aspect of personal finance with a strong focus on debt management. Apprisen works individually with clients to brainstorm achievable solutions that will fit each unique situation to help each individual attain a healthy financial life. Sarah Gardner is a Financial Services Specialist from the Lexington, KY Apprisen office.

Jordan Wilson is the Director of the VITA program through the United Way. VITA, or Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, is a free tax preparation program for Kentucky residents by a trained IRS volunteer.  VITA offers tax preparation services for most types of tax filing situations in addition to providing software for those who prefer to do their personal taxes themselves, free of charge.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this webinar and PowerPoint is current as of January 17, 2023. Please be aware that information can change as needed, directed, or required by law or governing institutions.