Understanding Your Child’s Behaviors


Kinship Training Library are offered at no cost.

Through this interactive training, caregivers will explore methods for improving communication with their kinship child, including recognizing cues in their child’s behavior and learning various methods to better interact and communicate with their child.

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Helping our children grow and learn to be successful socially, educationally, and behaviorally, is every caregiver’s priority and goal; however, understanding how to best accomplish that goal can present many challenges as each child is unique and learns in various ways and through various techniques. Being successful in guiding children requires caregivers to develop an individualized approach that considers how a child’s temperament, or their natural way of interacting with others they encounter in their daily life, can affect their ability to be successful, from the way they interact with others, learn new information, even their outlook or reaction to situations they encounter. In this module, we will explore several basic temperaments that each child (and adult) is born with in order to learn how to best support that child.

If you have any questions regarding this training module, please feel free to reach out to: Sheila.rentfrow@uky.edu