Six Easy Ways to Communicate with Your Child


Kinship Training Library are offered at no cost.

Through this interactive training, caregivers will explore methods for improving communication with their kinship child, including recognizing cues in their child’s behavior and learning various methods to better interact and communicate with their child.

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As caregivers, one of the most important skills in caring for your Kinship child is the ability to communicate effectively. Oftentimes, this can be difficult depending on the child’s ability to understand and convey their needs and wants with others, as well as our own understanding of how children should communicate.  This training module is designed, through interactive exercises, to help caregivers learn to recognize and respond to the behavioral messages commonly seen in children, and, develop new methods of communication with our children that encompasses how we speak, listen, play, observe, and even write. Through this training, caregivers will learn how various types of communication can improve and strengthen communication skills in the family and shape the way our children communicate as they grow.

If you have any questions regarding this training module, please feel free to reach out to Sheila Rentfrow