Module 1 Welcome to Field Faculty Training
Lesson 1 Welcome to the Field Faculty Training Course
Module 2 Short Code Test
Lesson 1 Captivate Unit
Module 3 Overview: The Purpose and Structure of Field Supervision
Lesson 1 Overview: Introduction to Field Instruction
Lesson 2 Overview: The Purpose of Field Education
Lesson 3 Overview: Social Work Competencies
Lesson 4 Overview: The Learning Agreement
Lesson 5 Overview: Review Graduate & Undergraduate Curriculum at UK
Lesson 6 Overview: The Field Instructor's Role
Lesson 7 1. Requirements to Be a Field Instructor & Student Expectations
Lesson 8 1. Agency Orientation
Lesson 9 Overview: Field Education Terms & Definitions
Lesson 10 Overview: Module Conclusion & Quiz
Module 4 Field Supervision of Students
Lesson 1 Supervision: Overview of Field Supervision of Students
Lesson 2 Supervision: Phases of Learning for New Supervisors
Lesson 3 Supervision: Qualities of an Effective Supervisor
Lesson 4 Supervision: Expertise in Supervision
Lesson 5 Supervision: Ethics in Supervision
Lesson 6 Supervision: Leadership Role Model
Lesson 7 Supervision: Developmental Stages of Practicum Students
Lesson 8 Supervision: The Value of a Model
Lesson 9 Supervision: Engaging Differences in Supervision
Lesson 10 Supervision: Building Instructor Modalities for Student Needs
Lesson 11 Supervision: Defining Supervision
Lesson 12 Supervision: Models of Supervision
Lesson 13 Supervision: Integrating Theory & Practice Loop Model
Lesson 14 Supervision: Handouts
Lesson 15 Supervision: Module Quiz
Module 5 Evaluating Student Performance
Lesson 1 Evaluation: Overview of Evaluating Student Performance
Lesson 2 Evaluation: Practicum Evaluation
Lesson 3 Evaluation: The Learning Agreement & Evaluation
Lesson 4 Evaluation: Balancing Support & Fairness
Lesson 5 Evaluation: Ethics, Relationships, Feedback
Lesson 6 Evaluation: Evaluation & Gathering Information
Lesson 7 Evaluation: Informal Evaluation
Lesson 8 Evaluation: Formal Evaluations & Student Self Evaluations
Lesson 9 Evaluation: Giving Feedback
Lesson 10 Evaluation: Fair & Respectful Evaluation
Lesson 11 Evaluation: Setting Criteria
Lesson 12 Evaluation: Errors in Evaluation
Lesson 13 Evaluation: Issues in Practicum
Lesson 14 Evaluation: Student Ethical Violations
Lesson 15 Evaluation: Experiences of Field Instructors
Lesson 16 Evaluation: Review Handouts
Lesson 17 Evaluation: Module Quiz