DSW Candidate – LaTonda Page, MSSW, 9:00 AM – 10:15 AM


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Self-Care as a Catalyst: Black Women Leaders Evolution from Surviving to Thriving in the Academia

DSW Candidate – LaTonda Page, MSSW

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

9:00 AM – 10:15 AM Eastern Time Zone

Credit Hours: 1.0


Self-Care as a Catalyst: Black Women Leaders Evolution from Surviving to Thriving in the Academia

This presentation offers a comprehensive examination of the historical journey of Black women leaders in academia, navigating the double jeopardy of racism and sexism. The research focus was on strategies developed by Black women leaders to navigate academia. By examining their strategies and coping mechanisms, the transformative power of resilience as a tool for overcoming adversity and achieving success was discovered.

Utilizing Black Feminist Theory as the guiding framework, this researcher considers the complexities of Black women leaders experiences and advocates for culturally appropriate solutions. This capstone highlights the imperative to transition from surviving to thriving in academic leadership roles, emphasizing the transformative potential of self-care rooted in the theory of self-care for Black women. By crafting personalized self-care plans, tailored to their unique circumstances, this researcher envision empowering Black women leaders to cultivate resilience, well-being, personal and professional fulfillment.

Through this lens, this research delineates how self-care practices have the power to not only transform individual lives but also has the potential to catalyze broader system changes within academia.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To explore various strategies utilized by Black women leader to navigate and overcome challenges in the academic environment.
  2. To examine the unique experiences and challenges face by Black women leaders in academia, and recognize the importance of culturally appropriate self-care in addressing the specific needs and promoting well-being.
  3. To integrate the theory of self-care for Black women into the design of personalized self-care empowerment plans for Black women leaders in academia, fostering a culturally responsive approach to well-being.

Delivery Method: Live Interactive Training via Zoom Video Conferencing

Credit Hours: 1.0 (ACE)

Target Audience: This conference is intended for social workers and students.


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