Understanding and Treating Mental Health Issues of Adoptees (11/24/20)


This is a live virtual training being held via ZOOM.
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Presenter: Mari Itzkowitz

Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern

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Understanding and Treating Mental Health Issues of Adoptees 

In the past, the adoption experience was pathologized (“the adoption syndrome”). Today we understand that factors related to adoption have the potential to significantly impact the mental health of adopted youth: pre-natal experiences including alcohol or drug exposure; lack of pre-natal care, birthmother stress or depression, as well as early life traumatic experiences including neglect and abuse. Children may have genetic vulnerabilities to anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns. In addition, we know that some children may be temperamentally more vulnerable in coping with the normal, predictable challenges of adoption including loss and grief, feelings related to rejection and abandonment, identity development. This workshop provides an understanding of the common mental health challenges faced by children and teens who are adopted, as well as an overview of the most effective therapies utilized by C.A.S.E.’s adoption competent therapists, including play therapy, sand tray therapy, individual/group/ family therapy, and use of creative arts. 

This training will:

  • provide parents and professionals with an understanding of the common mental health challenges faced by children and teens who are adopted.  
  • provide participants with an overview of the most effective therapies utilized by C.A.S.E’s adoption competent therapists, including play therapy, individual/group therapy family therapy, and use of creative arts.  
  • provide participants with an understanding of how genetic vulnerabilities, coupled with loss associated with adoption, lead to specific behavioral challenges faced by adoptees.
About the presenter

Mari Itzkowitz, LCSW, serves clients through telehealth throughout the states of Virginia and Maryland. She has over 20 years of experience providing clinical services to families who have adopted both domestically and internationally.

Mari provides individual, family and group therapy to adopted children, teens, adults and their families, as well as pre-adoption therapy for children and families moving toward finalization. Her specialty is grief and loss, and attachment issues.  Mari works from a family systems perspective and believes that strengthening the family bond is the most effective way to bring about change. 

 Mari is also a leader of the C.A.S.E. Training Team, providing training and education to adoption, child welfare, mental health and school professionals as well as parent groups, both locally and nationally. 

Additional Course Information

This event is approved for 2.0 hours of ongoing, elective foster parent training credit in a group setting for Kentucky foster parents.

If there are two adults in the same household that want to participate in this training, each person must register separately. Foster parent training credit is administered based on the duration of the meeting and each attendee’s participation. In order to receive credit, participants must be on video and visible to the moderators during the event.

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