Talking With Children in Foster Care About Adoption and Permanency (5/26/21)


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May 26, 2021
7:00 pm Eastern

Tony Hynes

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Talking With Children in Foster Care About Adoption and Permanency is designed to help parents and professionals communicate with children in foster care about adoption as part of the transition to permanency. From a developmental lens, participants will learn what youth think and feel about their separation from birth family and/or previous caregivers in the context of what they can understand about what it means to be adopted. The trainer will offer practical age-appropriate suggestions for sharing information about adoption and responding effectively to children’s questions and concerns.

This training will be facilitated by Tony Hynes, a former foster youth and adoptee.  Tony was adopted by a same sex couple in the mid 1990’s. He writes about his experiences growing up as both an interracial adoptee and as a child growing up in a same sex headed household in his memoir “The Son With Two Moms.”  Tony is an advocate for families like his, having served on the Board of Directors for organizations that serve to highlight adoptive families from diverse upbringings, and working with individual families in both pre and post adoptive placements. A thought leader in the field of adoption, Tony has been invited to be a speaker at conferences on adoption and foster care throughout the nation, especially those involving interracial placements.

After completing this training, participants will be able to: 

  • communicate with children in foster care about adoption
  • better handle children’s questions and concerns in an age-appropriate manner regarding adoption and permanency

ASK-VIP trainings are expressly designed to meet the needs of foster and adoptive parents. Skilled trainers who have lived experiences with fostering and adoption provide these trainings in a virtual group setting. There is 2 hours of ongoing, elective foster parent training credit available for Kentucky’s foster parents via this training.

Create an account or log-in to register for this training. A reliable internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, or computer with web camera is needed to participate. If there are two adults in the same household that want to participate in this training, each person must register separately. Foster parent training credit is administered based on the duration of the meeting and each attendee’s participation. Training credit is only available if you have not participated in this training within the past twelve months.
If you have any questions about this training or how to register, please email or call 859-257-7361.