Nurturing Parenting: Alternatives to Discipline (11/9/21)


Foster Parent Training Program events are offered at no cost. 

November 9, 2021

10:00am-12:00pm EST

Credit Hours: 2.0

Carla Jordan, MS

Registration Deadline is Nov 8, 2021


Spanking a child is prohibited and highly discouraged as a form of discipline for Foster Youth.

Children have the right to grow up in an environment free from violence, disrespect, and hurt. They have the right to expect that adults will treat them as valued human beings who deserve compassion, understanding, and support. Spanking teaches a child that it is ok to hit. It also sends mixes messages that people who love them hurt them. Spanking is not an effective form of discipline. Spanking is prohibited in the foster care system and highly discouraged amongst child welfare practitioners for all youth.

Please join us as we discuss alternative ways to spanking. During this training, parents will learn to discipline their child(ren) without using any physical form of violence. Participants will also:

  • Learn why parents spank their children.
  • Learn why spanking is detrimental to children.
  • Learn alternatives to spanking
  • Learn how to properly implement positive forms of discipline like time out, natural consequences, parental disappointment, grounding, loss of privileges, verbal and physical redirection.
  • Review KY CHFS Foster, Adoptive And Respite Home Discipline Policy.

Participants will learn effective, positive ways to disciple/ teach foster youth by using a trauma-sensitive approach to discipline.

For additional information, please contact Carla Jordan, TRC Training Specialist, at or 1-833-859-3278 (1-833-UKY-FAST).

The training has been approved for 2 hours credit hours for ongoing, elective training credit for Kentucky foster parents. Although the training is delivered virtually, it fulfills the face-to-face, group setting requirement. A reliable internet connection and computer/smartphone with webcam are required.