Connections Matter: Communication and Relationship with Birth Family (9/24/20)


This is a live virtual training being held via ZOOM.
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Presenter: Tony Hynes

Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm Eastern

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Connections Matter: Communication and Relationship with Birth Family

Maintaining connections with birth family is important but complex. Adoptive parents’ attitudes regarding the importance of their children’s birth families greatly influences children’s self-concept and identity. This workshop helps participants explore the many ways adoptive parents can navigate these relationships from sharing birth family history with their children, including addressing difficult information; honoring birth parents in both open and closed adoptions; as well as how to handle the potential challenges involved in search and reunion, especially in the age of social media. For families involved in open adoptions, participants learn both the benefits and challenges involved in these unique relationships, as well as how to successfully navigate the common challenges to promote positive relationships. 

In this training, you will learn:

  • Successful strategies for interacting with the birth families of adoptees.  
  • How to honor feelings of loss associated with separation of birth family felt by adoptees/foster youth.
  • How to tell children difficult, and potentially triggering information regarding their origin stories in age appropriate ways.
About the presenter

Tony Hynes, a former foster youth and adoptee, was adopted by a same sex couple in the mid 1990’s. He writes about his experiences growing up as both an interracial adoptee and as a child growing up in a same sex headed household in his memoir “The Son With Two Moms.”

Today, Tony is an advocate for families like his, having served on the Board of Directors for organizations that serve to highlight adoptive families from diverse upbringings, and working with individual families in both pre and post adoptive placements. A thought leader in the field of adoption, Tony has been invited to be a speaker at conferences on adoption and foster care throughout the nation, especially those involving interracial placements.
(source: C.A.S.E.)

Additional Course Information

This event is approved for 2.0 hours of ongoing, elective foster parent training credit in a group setting for Kentucky foster parents.

If there are two adults in the same household that want to participate in this training, each person must register separately. Foster parent training credit is administered based on the duration of the meeting and each attendee’s participation. In order to receive credit, participants must be on video and visible to the moderators during the event.

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