Building Family Connections KIN VIP Support Group (launching March 18, 2024)


KINSHIP Virtual Support Groups are offered at no cost.

Meets Monday evenings 4:00 PM–5:00 PM EST via Zoom, beginning March 18, 2024!

Plan now to attend!

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Oftentimes, one of the most difficult issues related to kinship care is navigating relationships with family members or close friends. Whether it is caring for your children’s children, a family member’s child, or the child of a close family friend, being able to care for and raise your kinship child while maintaining a good relationship with the important adults in their life (and yours) can be essential in creating a happy home.

This new KIN VIP Support Group will begin as a 12-week pilot Support Group and will discuss the challenges that come with raising the children of the people we love and how we can navigate these unique challenges to create positive relationships and supportive parenting.

The group is completely free and available to any caregiver raising a relative or fictive kin child.

For all those who attend at least 10 of the 12 sessions and complete a survey review of the group, a financial incentive is available!

Contact Sheila Rentfrow at for more information, or sign up here to secure your spot!


About the Facilitator:

Martha Watkins is a kinship caregiver and has had a lot of experience creating healthy family relationships.  Martha is a supportive person who is eager to listen to you about your situation and experiences in order to help you navigate this very important journey.  With a degree in Administration and experience as a teacher, Martha has found that many people are looking for a safe place where they can talk about their kinship experience with its successes and challenges in order to find hope and solutions to challenging situations.

Her goal, and the goal of this group, will be to listen with an open mind and a kind heart, creating an atmosphere where participants can receive meaningful feedback that will hopefully make the journey easier to navigate. Martha has said that although the kinship journey can be difficult, it can be a wonderful adventure and looks forward to sharing this journey with you!